Chrysti Tovani



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About Chrysti Tovani

Are you on the hunt for a compassionate real estate agent in the Sacramento area who'll equip you with wisdom and direction, fostering confidence as you make crucial choices? How about someone who genuinely hears you out and adds a touch of fun to the mix? Well, you've discovered your ideal match - and that's me!

With a rich background in real estate services that began in my parents' San Francisco-based investment company and expanded to collaborating with major banks and mortgage firms, I've gained a profound understanding of the industry. I'm adept at effectively liaising with loan officers to guarantee a smooth escrow process.

My enthusiasm for marketing, graphic design, and photography has evolved over time, culminating in a unique brand that distinguishes me from others. These skills amplify my real estate offerings, enabling me to deliver a well-rounded experience for my clients.

When you partner with me, expect tailored support and guidance. We'll kick things off with an initial call to gauge our compatibility and establish a mutual agreement to set clear expectations. I'll be there to educate you at every juncture, addressing any concerns and assisting you in making informed choices. Whether you're prepared to buy or sell, or simply exploring future possibilities, I'm at your service. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with me today and let's embark on your real estate adventure.